Bashful Introverted Millennials

never fade (10)In periods of rapid personal change, we pass through life as though we are spell cast. We speak in sentences that end before finishing. We sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. We bump into others and feel bashful at recognizing souls so similar to ourselves.

~ Douglas Coupland

There are times when the Introverted Millennial may be bashful to meet another individual, to admit they’re feeling the same thing, refrain from connecting with another individual out of fear and insecurity.

In general Introverts stand on the side lines, they want to stand back stage, and when the spot light is on them, they feel uncomfortable with all eyes focused in their direction.

The Introverted Millennial may not accept compliments with ease, compare themselves with others, and turn away from being noticed and rewarded for their efforts.

Introverted Millennials may tend to be humble in their interaction with other individuals. They don’t necessarily need the rewards Extroverts need to feel good about themselves.

Bashfulness may be self-conscious, and the Introverted Millennial may worry about what others think of them, and become fidgety.

Embarrassment is something they feel and may detach themselves from the experience and focus on something else to distract them from uncomfortable feelings of being in the spotlight.

They may feel guilty for being their authentic self as an Introvert and find themselves not accepted by societal norms that deliberately try to conform them into an Extrovert.

The guilt presses on their heart and produces inner sadness, they can never be transformed into a dominate Extrovert.

Try as they might, the bashfulness sets in when Extroverts expectations cannot be met, just because an Extrovert enforces their specific belief system and feel the Introvert can become the Extrovert. Wishful thinking doesn’t make it so.

The Introverted Millennial may feel stupid for not measuring up to what the Extrovert desires.

Ashamed of themselves for not measuring up the Extrovert in society, they may punish themselves with the negative inner critic for not being wired differently, seeing things from a different perspective, and functioning in a different way.

Introverted Millennials must make peace with their Introversion and understand they’re made perfectly as an Introvert and designed to function differently in society. Their brain is wired differently.

There is no reason to make themselves feel miserable for what other individuals cannot accept. While the Extrovert may project extroversion on to the Introvert, it is important for Introverted Millennials to detach their emotions, and not make it personal about themselves. The issue isn’t the Introverted Millennial themselves, but the Extroverts lack of knowledge.

Extroverts can make the Introverted Millennial feel inadequate. They may be a genius inside, but get frozen in fear, have their mind go blank, and stall under the stress of an Extrovert pressing them for certain outcomes.

Loneliness becomes apparent when they feel trapped, forced to face conflict with a dominate Extrovert, and have no way to get out from under the Extrovert’s thumb. This may make them feel frustrated and overwhelmed and give them a sense of hopelessness if they’re dependent on the Extrovert.

I can’t imagine Revolution being quiet, unassuming, or bashful

~ Immortal Technique

The Introverted Millennials inner revolution begins when they free themselves of the restrictions of Extroverts.

Introverted Millennials will find the courage to push through the illusion they need to be an Extrovert to succeed, be happy, and reach their greatest potential. It’s just a matter of time.

The loudest revolution for the Introverted Millennial is taking pride in being different, celebrating their uniqueness, and not be afraid to feel wonderful in their own skin as an Introvert.


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