Pensive Thoughts of the Introverted Millennial

Life is UNFair (10)

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. ~ Buddha

An Introverted Millennial can be pensive. Lost in their own inner rich world, there’s times the Introverted Millennial can be carried away in deep thought. Often, they may be contemplating, caught up in introspection, studying themselves, their environment, and observing the interactions with other individuals.

There are times they may be brooding over what someone said. Feel the other individual was insensitive to their emotions and feelings. They may be deeply hurt by someone’s actions. The thoughts rumble with their emotions and leave them feeling sad.

If they make the event personal, it becomes about themselves. Their passionate in their belief system, but may not understand beliefs change with time, maturity, and personal growth.

Taking things personally, it stifles their personal growth. Beliefs change by the more education one receives, experiences and interactions with others in life. Emotions change every two hours.

Emotions change by what one perceives in their experience to be right or wrong, good or bad, good or evil. The belief there is only one answer is deceiving one’s self.

Diversity is complex. Individuals are complex. Culture is complex. The push and pull of the good, the bad, and the ugly can spin the Introverts mind in spirals of color, or trap them in the negative outlook on life that everything is catastrophic, or black and white.

Pensive expressions are left on the Introverts face, the drudgery of it all, sifting through the complexities of life the world mirrors back to them.

The Introvert may be lost in thought, tune out the world around them, and be problem shooting, figuring out the solutions to life, while left with a serious look upon their face.

Introverted Millennials may be misunderstood because they’re not speaking their thoughts out loud, sharing them with others, and being loud in thought.

The quietness gives them inner peace, tranquility, and calms them. At times Extroverts misread this, and feel the Introvert could join in on the external world. This is quite difficult for Introverts to get out of the comfort zone and expand their horizons.

Introverted Millennials may be pensive out of boredom. There are many times Introverts drift off because those around them are in interested in small talk, and their intelligent minds, need something more stimulating to munch on than the latest weather.

Extroverts like to stay on the surface. While Introverts like to swim deeper in thought. Everyone can’t handle the depth of the Introvert. Some Extroverts run away from Introvert because they rather not feel their emotions or think for themselves.

Introverts are content with being alone, rarely feel the need for a lot of individuals around them. They don’t need as much dopamine as Extroverts and external rewards from other individuals.

Extroverts press the reward and punishment theory, it doesn’t always work for Introverts. You can take everything away from an Introvert and not reward them, and the Extrovert will become upset because their method isn’t working to manipulate the Introvert to perform a certain action.

Introverts thrive on acetylcholine which is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. The Extrovert thrives on dopamine, which is the sympathetic nervous system. Introverts are conserving energy, kind of like a squirrel picking up nuts for winter, while the Extrovert is giving away all their nuts all the time no matter what season. They’re giving away all their time and energy.

Introverts are punished, or intimidated by Extroverts believing that the Introvert is intentionally being disrespectful, disobedient, a rebel, or trouble maker simply because they don’t react the way an Extrovert reacts in society.

This then stresses the Introvert out, causes anxiety, the more Extroverts apply their “Tough Love”, the Introvert must submit in survival against their will. Society is not educated on the differences between Introverts and Extroverts, nor the way they’re wired. This causes Introverts to feel much emotional and mental pain in society that favors Extroverts.

The Introverted Millennial must face the fact, they are their own advocate, and they must educate others around them and point out the fallacies in their own beliefs and other individual’s beliefs.

By purging other individual’s false perceptions projected on to them as Introverts, they can take back their personal power, and purify their mind of all the false self-deceptions, false beliefs, they’ve created based on other individual’s reflections.

In other words, the Introverted Millennial shouldn’t base their identity, purpose, and existence on what others project on to them in their experience. Listen to other individuals, but don’t believe it’s written in stone, that it’s your destiny, or final and fatal outcome. The world thrives on negativity, instilling fear, chaos, and confusion.

Any suggestion of belief by another individual can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe it, it’s quite easy to become what you believe. Thoughts leave an impression on the soul.


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