75.1 Flavors of Emotion in the Millennial Generation

Life is UNFair (11)When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. ~ Dale Carnegie

In society from an early age, Introverted Millennials have been taught to suppress their emotions. This is never healthy to be told all your life, it’s unhealthy to feel whatever your feeling.

Culture supports the positive side of emotions, but they repel the negative side of emotions. Whenever I’ve ever tried to swing too much to the left or right, I’ve emotionally crashed.

None of us were designed to suppress our negative emotions on a regular basis and only thrive on positive emotions.

“The truth is, there is good and bad in everybody, in every nation, in every race, and in every religion. To hear someone, say that all the people that belong to a certain country, race, or religion are bad — is extremely untruthful and makes the person making the statement lose credibility right away. We are all flawed and even nature is flawed. Nobody is perfect, and no country, race or religion is perfect. Duality and polarity are imprinted in everything in nature — in all humans, and even within ourselves. For example, there are those who are ignorant, and those who are wise.”

~  Suzy Kassem

One of the greatest challenges in life is accepting the negative and positive polarity within ourselves. Both are needed to be healthy individuals.

This is the paradox of being on the Internet. To be noticed as a writer, I must direct my attention to Introverts and Millennials or a different audience. This limits my voice, it projects that all Millennials or Introverts are the same, when I know they’re not. I’ve been in different social groups with different labels, categories, theories, opinions, and niches.

My emotions are constantly manipulated depending on what forum, chat, blog, video, or social group I’m in. The same things happen to every Introverted Millennial.

One common theme I see is an individual will take on the groups identity.

If I said purple haired people are smart, intelligent, and artistic, there would be a large percent of purple haired people, saying, “Hey, I relate.” I am smart, intelligent, and artistic.

On the negative side as we already notice, Millennials are grouped all together with certain definitions created by different authors to imply certain prejudices against the group of Millennials.

If I said all Millennials love to smash car windows, this is not accurate. Perhaps, I noticed two Millennials vandalize someone’s car in the parking lot of a gas station. This doesn’t mean every Millennial on the planet will make the same choice. It means two individuals made a choice to be destructive.

Society loves statistics. Humans become numbers. This is part of the problem in society. How many Millennials have stood in line at the physician’s office to have fifteen minutes with a physician because they must meet their quota of patience in a day?

How many Millennials have been given a speeding ticket, because police officers hand out a certain number of tickets in a small time frame every month to meet their quota?

How many salesmen sell to Millennials with the intention of breaking a record of the previous months earnings?

Everyone wants to sell to Millennials because they’re the biggest population on earth besides the Baby Boomers. Now it’s time to aim for Generation Z, because they’re different than the Millennials.

Fortunately, I believe Millennials and Generation Z are a group of Individuals. Each of them are one unique person. They all have their personal tastes, likes, dislikes, think differently, feel different emotions, contain different thoughts, and express themselves in Introverted or Extroverted ways.

They all have negative and positive traits. There are too many variables to determine what 75.1 Millennials are feeling.

All of them don’t feel the same way at the same time, and they don’t even live in the same geographical location and feel the same weather. They don’t all wear the same clothes. There is diversity in every generation.

I believe in my early twenties I heard the word Generation X once. I had borrowed a book from a friend, read a few pages, and forgot all about it until 2017 when I noticed the hype about Generation X is the bridge between Baby Boomers and Millennials. We’re the smallest generation and squished in between.

I guess we’re the favorite strawberry or chocolate filling. It reminds me of going to the ice cream shop back home called Baskin Robbins. They had 31 flavors. Even the texture, recipe, and type of ice cream is diversified world-wide. 

There are 1000’s of ice cream flavors. Somehow media likes to say we’re all the same flavor contained in each social group, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

Which brings us back to how many emotions all of us feel throughout our lives.

Emotions get overwhelming when Millennials are faced with trying to fit into certain stereotypes. This can be in the work place, university, home life, or peer groups. There is no one size fits all. Millennials already feel certain expectations are placed on them in society.

I remember one remark back in high school about my graduating class of 1989. Generation X were told we were the worst generation. Baby Boomers who are Authoritarian, are doing the same to Millennials. They didn’t get us, why do you believe they will get you.

When you focus on your goals, your dreams, and not worry about the Baby Boomers or Generation X, you know you’ve done your 100% best. Baby Boomers issues ae not about you, but the way they perceive things, what they believe, and must learn just like the rest of us to get along and everything doesn’t happen the way we would like it too on our terms. “Our Way”, doesn’t always make it the, “Best Way.”

You will find an equal balance of Authoritarian and Authoritative individuals in every generation. If you’re an Introverted Millennial, you’ll probably do better with non-aggressive professors, mentors, counselor’s, and teachers. You’ll do better with non-aggressive partners who are authoritative. If you’re an INFJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP, ESFP, ESFJ, ENFJ, ENFP, you might not always get along with the Sensors and Thinkers, because you may not be wired the same way. Accept them for who they are. They can teach you some great things, but if you’re looking for empathy, understanding, compassion, they’re not always willing to give it as much as the NF’s and SF’s.

When I heard we were the worst generation, it gave me a negative feeling about being in my generation. It made me feel like something was wrong with me. I notice a lot of Millennials are having similar reactions because Media is having a field day with their negative accusations. This builds negative thoughts, emotions, and reactions in Millennials.

Every generation has it’s negative and positive impact on society.

After that I never even thought about it until 2017. Generation X today in 2017 is supposed to save the day between Baby Boomers and Millennials.

I do laugh at this because Baby Boomers never did get us as Generation X, and reading some of the articles on being Generation X from the point of view of both Baby Boomers and Millennials, they’ve got a lot of stuff wrong about us too.

Even how many emotions we experience is debated from six core emotions to 150 or more. The world creates chaos and confusion with information. Which always leads back to an emotion and feeling. All of us find information emotionally impacts us.

Emotions are powerful and every one of us has a different flavor of emotion every hour of the day depending on the situation, environment, visual image, sound, taste, smell, and touch we experience. Our five senses are manipulated by words, images, and sounds.

There is no good or bad emotion.

It’s not wrong to feel hostile, hurt, angry, selfish, hateful, or critical. I’ve never met a person on the planet who never felt these emotions in their life time.

What you do with those emotions determines the outcome. It’s imperative to direct those negative emotions in a positive way through physical recreational activities, art forms, musical forms, written forms such as writing a novel, poetry, and lyrics.

All of us get in trouble when we aim our emotions at another individual. It’s how we use our emotional energy and direct it inside towards ourselves or another human being that determines whether we create a hostile environment or compassionate one.

Sometimes it’s important to allow people to go do what they need to do instead of pushing them into debating, arguing, and insisting they need to talk about a certain situation. Allow people the freedom to deal with their emotions in a positive way.

Back off other individuals. If their experiencing negative emotions, allow them the freedom to walk away until they’re ready to talk. If you’re forcing them to deal with things when they’re not ready it only prohibits them from contemplating, problem solve, come up with their own insights, aha moments, and understanding their own thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They can’t figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing if you’re interrupting their inner navigation system and survival mechanism.

Other people may not deal with their emotions and thoughts the same way you do. This doesn’t make it right or wrong. Stressing out other individuals because you’re stressed doesn’t make less stress, worry, and anxiety. It creates more.

Stress creates stress. Anxiety creates anxiety. Fear creates fear. Usually when we’re in the heat of the moment, we’re mirroring our emotions. Monkey see, monkey do. Sometimes you must shift the emotions, by doing the complete opposite.

If you’re experiencing negative emotions listen to some positive music, motivational videos, watch a happy or inspirational movie, or read positive quotes.

Within two hours everyone’s emotions will be different and you may see things in a more positive way. Learn to calm yourself down. Allow others to calm themselves down. 

What is your flavor of emotion today?


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