The Power of the Introvert

Life is UNFair (14)

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”

~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Whenever the Introverted Millennial feels defeated, they may grieve for the moment. Perhaps the situation may seem like the end of the world, the emotional and mental pain be heavy. The heart-break can be very enormous. Down for the moment.

One of the wonderful things about the journey is there are many times when other people have won in my life out of their ego, the need to win, but fortunately, there comes a time when the roles reverse.

Everyone experiences losses and gains in life. Everything gained can be lost, everything lost can be regained.

If you’ve ever seen an hourglass, you can watch the sand fall slowing through the glass. When it’s empty, you can turn it over and the top is filled again.

There are many times when one wins in life to only find out later they experience a similar situation themselves. I’ve found this to be true in my life. I believe this is one of the reasons I always pay attention to what I say and do in other people’s lives. While I can still make mistakes, I understand it doesn’t serve others or myself to give invaluable information they can’t truly apply to their lives with some positive result in the outcome.

I’ve been beaten and defeated in life by many individuals at various times in my life. It’s painful to lose. The grief, the emotions, the feelings, can be very overwhelming.

In the end, I must salute all the Villain’s and Hero’s in my life, because if they didn’t beat me, if I didn’t lose, I wouldn’t have the wisdom, the insight, the knowledge, the resiliency, the ability to bounce back from events. Adversity creates some of the greatest champions in the world. 

The Introvert fights for everything in life and becomes the survivalist.

I remember speaking to a Stranger I once met. He said, “You know who are the best champion runners in the world ?”

I remember thinking, it was probably some guy or gal who was from a wealthy family, who trained, and worked hard for the Olympics.

He said, “The best runners are the one who run every day in poverty to get their water and their food.”

This is a bit of huge wisdom for any Introvert. While Introverts are told they are too emotional and too sensitive. Perhaps they turn out to be some of the greats in the world when they rise out of their Adversity.

One day the hour-glass shifts in the Introverts favor, and they find they were gifted with so much wisdom, compassion, empathy, insight, and unconditional love for humanity.

They learned to be humble.  Introverts are graceful, because they’ve been controlled, manipulated, persecuted, judged, abandoned, and rejected by society because they’re not a dominate Extrovert. 

The wonderful possibility is in the Introverts travels through life, they may make better leaders because they stop and think before they act. They contemplate, they deep think, over think, strategize, problem solve, and find solutions. Introverted Millennials are greate listeners.

Introverted Millennials are just beginning their life. Incredibly gifted, you may become the greatest architects, painters, musicians, writers, politicians, professors. The opportunities are endless.

I remember speaking with one of my professors who was a goat herder in Africa, he told me once to read every book I could get my hands on, because knowledge is power. Knowledge is freedom.

Another professor always came into class with a box of books he ordered on leadership. He opened them up in front of us. He never did show us the books or spoke about them, but I saw they were all leadership books. Be observant to those you admire. 

Introverts become successful if they believe they can be. There is no obstacle or person who can stop you from achieving your goals in life. While they may try to sabotage your efforts, they’re only delaying your progress for a short time.

I once had an acquaintance who I clashed with on a regular basis. Masculine versus Feminine. “Women Shouldn’t be leaders.” Like many Introverted Millennials, I allowed my ego to get in the way. We were both passionate about leadership. The competitive nature kicks in. Fortunately, I faced my Giant. I decided to be a rebel. 

I understand today the person was probably an ESTP or ESTJ. Years later I recognize right away when I’m around a Sensor and Thinker.

Know thyself. When the Introverted Millennial matures and grows over the years, they’re see things differently. My beliefs are quite different from what they were back then when I knew this person. I’m more educated, more experienced, more mature.

Introverted Millennials must give themselves a break. I’ve heard many Millennials tell me at the age of 22 and 25, they feel like a failure, and think they’re supposed to be where some individuals are at the age 35.

My suggestion is to slow down. Take one day at a time. Do what you can. Right now, many of you are entering college, university, getting your feet wet for the first time after graduation. 

Be patient with life. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with other individuals. Patience is the greatest virtue to learn in your travels. The hardships, obstacles, are building your character. Iron sharpens Iron.

The Extrovert is like the greatest swordsmen.

What do you need to know yourself to face your personal giants? What if at the end you’re the diamond in the rough?

What if you turn out to be one of the greats because you ran harder, longer, and faster than the ones on the shorter route.

Perhaps they someone has the knowledge. What about the experience you’re in? Do they know all the wisdom you have? There is no other individual on this earth like you. Never give up just the minute things the sand runs out. Flip over the hour-glass and begin again. Get out the chess board, stretch your mind, and stretch your problem sovling techniques. What’s your newest stragedy in tackling life?



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