The Power of the Spoken Word

Life is UNFair (13)

Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me. ~ Sojourner Truth

Whenever the darkness comes in life, the emotions swing low, the negative thoughts win over the Introverted Millennial. When the Introverted Millennial focuses on all the darker aspects of life, the emotions and feelings shift with the swinging of the chimes of time.

I remember watching the grandfather clock, the pendulum swung back and forth. Emotions are very similar. They swing and back and forth into low arousal and high arousal. Up high and Down Low. Whenever there is a disturbance in the environment like an argument or physical fight, the energy between two individuals gets very negative. It becomes very low or swings too much into the negative polarity. When the fight keeps going on and on the Introverted Millennials sinks into depression.

Life is hard for everyone. Misunderstandings come through the words which are spoken.

One of my favorite fairy tales all my life is Bambi. And Thumper is one of my favorite characters out of the story. Floppy ears and floppy tail, he says with his thumping foot, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

It’s simple to choose non-violence. It’s simple to choose unconditional love. Even if people harmed me in life, made me angry, hurt my feelings, at times I’ve leaned on this phrase time after time, and chose the higher road even if I lost. Usually it’s been someone’s ego out of control. The battle is really within themselves. The enemy is somewhere in the distant past and I’m doing something similar, saying something similar, and triggering something from long ago.

I may have thought about the meanest thing to say, but I bite my tongue, because I know other people have their own battle going on inside and being harmful will not heal their wounds, but create more wounding.

I understand being harmful doesn’t solve anything. The war is never won in an argument, fist fight, or damaging property. Usually it says a lot about someone’s character by the words they say and their actions.

The power of words can do a huge amount of damage in a relationship, and once you’ve said certain things and act out the violent emotion, the damage can be very wounding to the INF, or INT Introverted Millennial.

Sensor/Thinkers tend to be more the soldier who keeps sticking the spear into the Introvert until they get so angry, out of survival the Introvert will combust and explode from tolerating the behavior for too long. INFJ’s and INFP’s are empathetic teachers and leaders. They aren’t being stupid, and they’re quite intelligent and insightful. They’re just waiting for the Sensor/Thinker to do mature, grow, and find out unconditional love isn’t controlling, nor manipulative.

Sojourner Truth’s wisdom is very accurate. The times when someone wants to rattle your cage, they have less power if you find joy in the moment by listening to a positive song, recite a positive poem, read a positive quote, focus on something more loving, uplifting, and choose not to participate in the drama and trauma another individual chooses to co-create.

Whenever someone states, “Get back here, or else.” This individual is trying to control your emotions, feelings, thoughts through intimidation. When someone demands you take part in emotional, mental, spiritual, physical abuse it’s not a healthy situation to be in. No one should demand or intimidate you to be present against your free will and free choice.

In this situation, you have every right to say, “I will come back when you can talk about things in a calm matter.” Many times, in the heat of the moment, it’s best to walk away and allow the person to think about their actions and why they’re acting the way they are.

Respect is earned, not given freely. Dominate Individuals tend to control, manipulate, seduce, and abuse Introverts. Introverts sometimes feel guilty for standing up for themselves. Fear is instilled in them, they get frozen and feel helpless.

Introverts shouldn’t feel guilty for being their authentic true self. While It’s difficult to stand up for themselves, the only one who will free them from their situation is themselves. There’s nothing wrong with speaking out loud. At times Introverts get choked up because they’re often silenced by other individuals.

Introverts are made to feel guilty for their desires, wants, needs, and often find themselves in a battle with a dominate personality who believes the Introvert is the issue and they’re the ones who need to change. This is a common issue Introverts find themselves in every type of relationship. Otherwise the Introverted Millennial is made to feel they’re too emotional and sensitive.

Introverts express their emotions in a different way than Extroverts. Introverts usually aim their anger, rage resentment, bitterness towards the Introvert, and the Introvert internalizes it and aims at themselves. It becomes a flaming arrow that shoots right through the heart.

Introverts have a huge job in educating themselves in psychology, religion, philosophy, and spiritual teachings.

When they take the time learn to regulate their emotions and feelings, they can take their power back from dominate Extroverts.

While Extroverts may feel offended by saying this, it’s quite a huge problem in society. Dominance vs. Submission. It’s not saying that there are not dominate Introverts who are just as dominate towards another Introvert.

All of us can be dominate and submissive at different times and play the part of the Villain or Hero. Both Introverts and Extroverts can be very damaging in relationships. The struggle becomes about power and control. The win-lose mentality, no one wins period. Someone loses, or both lose at the same time.

Words can be a force of darkness or light by what vocabulary is spoken. Words can be manipulated to seduce, coerce, sell, intimidate, instill fear, uplift, brighten one’s day, destroy or heal another individual. What kind of words do you speak out loud? Do you speak darkness into another individual through negative words of sarcasm? Do you swear? Do you insult? Do you call them inappropriate names?

Be observant to every person you speak with in life. How do you speak to them? What do you speak about? Are you destroying someone’s character? Are you gossiping about someone? Are you attacking their core personality?

If they’ve made a mistake instead of paying back revenge, creating more emotional and mental pain in the situation, how can you turn it around in a more positive direction with your words and actions?

Learn some new vocabulary? Practice speaking in a positive way with everyone you meet until it becomes a positive habit? Slice away the poison of negative words.

Inwardly as an Introvert how do you speak to yourself? Do the same thing. Observe the dialogue. Where did it come from? Who planted the seed? Pull up the root. Throw it out.


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