Mattie is a Life Transition Coach for Introverts. Growing up in West Michigan, Mattie embraced the idea of becoming an advocate for change.

The last ten years, Mattie has enjoyed speaking with many people internationally, listening to their personal stories from all walks of life.

Mattie holds a Bachelor’s in Human Services. Through the years, she has obtained Ruby Payne Training, Parent Mentoring, Holistic Health, Finance and budget training for those in poverty. Crisis Intervention, Community Mental Health Training. Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, Mental Toughness, Emotional Resiliency, Self-limiting Beliefs, Adversity, Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization, Entrepreneurship, Marriage & Dating, and Personality Types.

Mattie is a life long learner and updates her education on a daily basis.

Mattie coaches men and women to reach their full potential in love and finances.

​This website is open to everyone and promotes a non-violence approach in serving the community.

The website is intended to bring awareness and promotes cultural diversity.

Beneath the Sea is a sanctuary to empower Introverted Millennials to embrace their authentic true potential.

Through consciousness, Introverted Millennials can free themselves from self-limiting beliefs, overcome adversity, and bring themselves into emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical balance.

Every Introverted Millennial is a unique individual with their unique blue print.

Mattie may use different techniques and methods to educate the community with research and may provide resources to direct the individual in the right direction to reach their personal goals.

Mattie will allow the individual to decipher what resonates with their soul versus impose it is the absolute truth for all involved in the community.

Beneath the Sea promotes authenticity, peace, unity, and harmony. The non-violence approach.

In Mattie’s spare time she enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and working on her first novel.